Powerthon Products Creators

Sye's Main Profile ImageI’m Sye Rodriguez, the owner of Powerthon.  Powerthon is here to supply you with professional and recreational game equipment, gear, and apparel.

Powerthon was conceived by my Uncle in the 1980s and he put my Mom and Dad in charge of the brand in the hopes that it would someday be well recognized.

Later, I took the Powerthon name on, and started selling table tennis paddles we had manufactured under the name Powerthon, and they became a hit.Powerthon Word Art

I appreciate all of the support I’ve gotten from You, as owners of Powerthon gear, for helping me to make the dream of Powerthon a reality.

I’ll do my best to continue providing you with quality products, with a name you can trust – Powerthon.

I appreciate you.

Sye Rodriguez